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Modiphius Take You On Some New Space 1889 Adventures


The team from Modiphius has added two new adventures to their webstore in both PDF and physical fashion for those loving their Pulp adventures in Space 1889.

Weekender: Exploring Legends Of Signum & A Week Of Tabletop Gaming Goodness

3 weeks ago 72

Getting stuck into Legends Of Signum’s amazing Fantasy world and more!

Kung Fu Panda Board Game Now Live On Kickstarter


Ready to fight with Po and the Furious Five? Now you can if you join the Kung Fu Panda Kickstarter.

Modiphius Announce Star Trek Adventures Starter Set


Modiphius are making it easier than ever to delve into their world of Star Trek Adventures with a new Starter Set which is on the horizon.

Check Out Superhero Noir RPG City Of Mist


Modiphius has just added a New RPG to their webstore, City Of Mist. This role-playing game sets up in a world of Noir Detective investigations where folks have access to legendary powers.

Take On A New Space: 1889 Adventure With Mercury Sourcebook


If you like your Pulp Sci-Fi gaming then check out the new Sourcebook & Adventure for Space: 1889, Mercury, by Clockwork Publishing. The new book is now available over on the Modiphius Webstore.

Modiphius Play Through AI Mode Fallout: Wasteland Warfare Scenario


Modiphius are closing in on the release of Fallout: Wasteland Warfare, due to hit around late May. With that in mind, they’ve put together an AI Mode Scenario for you to give a go.

Embrace Your Inner Orc With Ravage – Dungeons Of Plunder


Modiphius has added a new board game to their webstore this week, Ravage – Dungeons Of Plunder. Embrace your inner Orc and get stuck into some dungeon delving.

Mutant Year Zero: Mechatron Tells The Origin Story Of Robots


Modiphius has added another expansion book to their repertoire for Free League’s Mutant Year: Zero. here we have Mechatron, which tells the story of how Robots came to be within their world and offers up you new role-playing opportunities.

Modiphius & White Wolf To Helm Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition


The premier vampire role-playing game from White Wolf is going to be getting a new outing within the World Of Darkness. White Wolf will be bringing 5th Edition Vampire: The Masquerade to the tabletop with Modiphius distributing the books.

Red Alert! Skirmishing In Modiphius’ Star Trek Adventures


Modiphius has plenty of awesome content out there for those role-playing in Star Trek Adventures. However, they have also put together the first look at their Red Alert Skirmish Rules.

Check Out The Mighty Frank Horrigan For Fallout: Wasteland Warfare


This week, Modiphius gave us a look at the mighty form of Frank Horrigan who has been added into the mix for Fallout: Wasteland Warfare.

Battles Await In Modiphius’ Conan The Mercenary RPG Supplement


Conan The Mercenary is now in print from Modiphius, allowing you to delve deeper into their Conan RPG world.

Away Teams, Borg & New Sourcebooks Arrive For Modiphius’ Star Trek Adventures


Modiphius have a whole host of new releases out for their Star Trek: Adventures role-playing game. As we’re Beasts Of War let’s start with the miniatures as we get a look at The Next Generation Away Team.

Modiphius Adding New Aliens & More To Star Trek Adventures


Modiphius are adding to the world of Star Trek: Adventures, their awesome role-playing game, with some new aliens on the horizon and some additional tilesets too.

Modiphius Show Off Fallout: Wasteland Warfare Box Details


Giving us some more details on the contents of the Wasteland Warfare Set for Fallout, Modiphius has shown off the rear of the box.

Little Mirelurks Join Their Queen In Modiphius’ Fallout Wasteland Warfare


When the mighty Mirelurk Queen gets released in wave two of the releases for Fallout: Wasteland Warfare, she is going to be joined by a cabal of regular Mirelurks thanks to Modiphius!

Weekender: Para Bellum’s Conquest World Revealed & Brand New US Studio


Welcome back to The Weekender for 2018!

Snap Up Modiphius’ Character Sheets For Famous Star Trek Characters


Modiphius have made available two packs of downloadable Character Sheets for you to use in Star Trek Adventures.

Modiphius Take John Carter Of Mars Role-Playing Game To Kickstarter


Modiphius is on Kickstarter once more with another role-playing game, this time based in the world of John Carter Of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

Modiphius Add Elite Dangerous RPG To Their Webstore With Ace Bundles


The Elite Dangerous RPG brought to life successfully on Kickstarter is ready to head out into space.