The Forged Clash With Ghouls In Fallout: Wasteland Warfare

October 18, 2022 by brennon

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More awesome releases for the world of Fallout: Wasteland Warfare are on the cards as Modiphius has added a bunch of new kits to their webstore. We start out with a look at the newest 32mm reinforcements for the Raiders of Fallout with The Forged.

The Forged - Fallout Wasteland Warfare

The Forged // Fallout: Wasteland Warfare

If you wanted to go down the route of being just an utter arsehole to people then you might want to play as The Forged. They are savage, cruel and sadistic and are "controlled" by their leader, Slag. Smaller gangs are also under their control including one run by Bedlam, Slag's lieutenant.

The set comes with both Slag and Bedlam but you also get two Forged Male and two Forged Female miniatures that come with options for their heads and weapon options. A solid set for someone who wants to categorically play as the "bad guy" during your games of Fallout: Wasteland Warfare. Oh, and doesn't that chap at the back look a lot like one of our own?

Perhaps just surviving against the onslaught of The Forged, we have a new set of Survivors with these Ghoul Settlers.

Survivors Ghoul Settlers - Fallout Wasteland Warfare

Ghoul Settlers // Fallout: Wasteland Warfare

These fellows might look monstrous but they are simply just trying to survive. They now dwell in The Slog thanks to Wiseman and this now offers you a great set of survivors who could be used to try and hold off a raid or two during the night.

The set comes with Wiseman, Jones, Holly, Deirdre and Arten Glass plus a standard Ghoul Survivor miniature. If the big weapons fail, at least all of these Ghouls are armed with shovels so they can get up close and personal with their foe.

You can also try and hold your own as Jake Finch who has also been added to the range this week.

Jake Finch - Fallout Wasteland Warfare

Jake Finch // Fallout: Wasteland Warfare

Here's some of the background on Jake Finch who fits right in with the shenanigans of The Forged.

"We often do rash things to protect those we love, and sometimes, those actions come back to bite us. For Jake Finch, a young farmer who stole his family’s heirloom Shishkebab as an offering to a gang of pyrophile raiders, The Forged, this realisation is starting to hit home. He was hoping that they would take the gift and leave, not take it and try to induct him into their ranks! Now, in over his head, he has a very important decision to make."

So, throw him into the games and play around with a conflicted individual! That sounds like the makings of a great scenario.

New Homestead Rules Expansion For Fallout: Wasteland Warfare

Finishing things off for the newest wave of releases, we also got a new supplement that expands the gaming options for Wasteland Warfare.

Homestead Rules Expansion - Fallout Wasteland Warfare

Homestead Rules Expansion // Fallout: Wasteland Warfare

Homestead expands the Settlement mode for the game. You will be able to map out your entire base of operations for the game, starting from the bare minimum before turning it into something for the raiders out in the wilds to fear.

You'll have to manage your resources, supplying food and power to the people under your care, whilst also making sure that it is defended against attack. Again, I can sense some awesome scenarios coming to light after playing this!

Could you be tempted by these brand-new Fallout: Wasteland Warfare releases?

"A solid set for someone who wants to categorically play as the "bad guy" during your games of Fallout: Wasteland Warfare..."

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