Modiphius Highlight New 2d20 World Builder Roleplaying Games

March 13, 2023 by brennon

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In the wake of the controversy surrounding Wizards Of The Coast and the OGL for Dungeons & Dragons, other tabletop roleplaying game publishers dove into the breach to offer alternatives for creators. One of those was Modiphius who launched the 2d20 World Builders scheme.

Endless Seas - 2d20

Endless Seas // 2d20

This new venture would allow you to make roleplaying games using the 2d20 system and then sell them via the likes of DriveThruRPG. One such adventure in the world of roleplaying with 2d20 is Endless Seas which is a new swashbuckling option for your tabletop games.

Endless Seas has elements of our own Golden Age Of Piracy but with a dose of mystical powers and more. Get your fill of Treasure Island, the Three Musketeers and more where you blend the Historical with a little bit of the Fantastical. The aim is to deliver a Hollywood-esque swashbuckling game where you'll be swinging from the chandeliers and the like in no time.

You can currently pay what you want to snap up Endless Seas.

Chip & Dale?

Next up, we also have Rodent Rangers which was also spotlighted by the team at Modiphius!

Rodent Rangers - 2d20

Rodent Rangers // 2d20

Rodent Rangers is by Joseph L. Kelloff and has you playing as little heroes who have been tasked with big problems! Rodent Rangers is a stripped-down version of the 2d20 system that has been made simple and kid-friendly for those that want to play as mice on a mission.

You'll be tasked with travelling the globe to protect the innocent, recover lost treasures and defeat fiendish villains like those dastardly cats! The rules include everything you need to play including character creation rules, guidelines for GMs and a sample adventure.

Rodent Rangers can now be picked up for $3 over on DriveThruRPG!

Could you be tempted to pick up these smaller roleplaying games using the 2d20 system?

"Could you be tempted to pick up these smaller roleplaying games using the 2d20 system?"

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