Get Into A Skirmish With New Game, Fallout Factions: Nuka World

January 12, 2024 by brennon

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Modiphius has now revealed their new Fallout project for 2024. James M. Hewitt is working with them to produce Fallout Factions: Nuka World. This is a new 32mm scale skirmish game compatible with Wasteland Warfare but featuring a new system!

Fallout Factions Nuka World - Modiphius

Fallout Factions: Nuka World // Modiphius

Nuka World will see two players looking to battle over territory to strengthen their Raiders faction and take control of Nuka World. The game uses d10s and will feature a streamlined resolution system for combat. This makes it a solid choice for those Fallout fans new to tabletop miniatures games looking to try it out.

The 32mm miniatures, as mentioned, are compatible with the range from Wasteland Warfare meaning if you already have a collection then you can start on a better footing with Nuka World. The new miniatures though, ten in a box, will feature different build options allowing you to make them suit one of three Raider gangs.

Will you take on the role of the Operators, the Pack or the Disciples? Hewitt has a good pedigree in game design and I am eager to see how this one plays out. We should be getting a chance to talk with Modiphius about the game soon so watch out for that!

Will you be trying Fallout Factions: Nuka World?

"Will you take on the role of the Operators, the Pack or the Disciples?"

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