Gearbox & Modiphius Team Up For Homeworld: Fleet Command

August 25, 2022 by fcostin

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Modiphius Entertainment has announced that they will be bringing another video game IP over to the tabletop. Teaming up with Gearbox Entertainment, players will be expanding on the Homeworld universe to bring diverse space fleet battles to the tabletop.

Homeworld Fleet Command - Modiphius And Gearbox

Homeworld Fleet Command // Modiphius And Gearbox

Showcasing as a miniatures board game translating from the real-time strategy video game Homeworld: Fleet Command, Gearbox has said that Modiphius is the perfect publisher to take Homeworld to new frontiers, providing intense fleet battles that can be played within an hour.

"Homeworld: Fleet Command puts would-ve admirals in charge of Kushan or Taiidan fleets fighting it out in fast playing 1-4 player galactic battles" - Modiphius Entertainment

The title will not be heading straight over to retail, as Homeworld: Fleet Command will be making its tabletop debut over on Crowdfunding. It's unsure which platform will be used just yet but they will be bringing the base game to market which flexes with a whopping 101 miniature plastic ships in the box. This is set to be the renowned Mothership, alongside forty-eight fighters, twenty-four corvettes, twenty-four frigates, two carriers and two destroyers.  As if that may not be enough units for a mass battle, the campaign will also include an expansion with even more ships, adding an extra 100 to your bank to further grow your fleet.

The game itself is set to include a ten-part campaign that walks players through the growth of their fleet with step-by-step scenarios. Taking to either a skirmish or epic battle, they will be journeying through a lengthy campaign.

Ship Preview - Homeworld Fleet Command

Ship Previews // Homeworld Fleet Command

If you are not too keen on operating as an admiral against some opponents across the table, there will be a solo mode made available that will allow one player to go head-to-head against another space rival or indeed four players can share the load. If you do have some friends with the game, Modiphius has said that players will be able to combine their boxes to make even bigger and epic fleet battles. Just in case the 101 miniatures in the core box and the extra 100 in the expansion are not epic enough for you!

If you are a fan of the Homeworld universe, be sure to keep an eye on Modiphius up until the campaign live date in November. If you did want to be the first to hear any news or announcements prior to the campaign, be sure to sign up for the Modiphius newsletter and not miss a beat!

What do you think of Homeworld: Fleet Command? 

"The title will not be heading straight over to retail, as Homeworld: Fleet Command will be making its tabletop debut over on Crowdfunding..."

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