Pre-Order & Dive Into Fallout: Factions With Modiphius!

February 6, 2024 by brennon

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Modiphius is now taking pre-orders for their new 32mm game set in the Fallout world. You can now snap up the new Starter Set for Fallout: Factions - Battle For Nuka-World alongside bundles and more to get you started in the game.

Battle For Nuka-World - Fallout Factions

Battle For Nuka-World // Fallout: Factions

Battle For Nuka-World is the best starting place for those looking to jump into Fallout: Factions. It contains everything that you need to play this new skirmish game where you battle for control of Nuka-World and clash throughout a campaign or in one-off scraps. Build your gang of Raiders and get stuck into a post-apocalyptic clash.

Battle For Nuka-World Contents - Fallout Factions

Battle For Nuka-World - Contents // Fallout: Factions

The set comes with the Rulebook alongside two sets of ten miniatures in multi-part plastic for The Pack and The Operators. This means you and a friend can get stuck into this game together and share the hobby side as well as the gaming bit! You also get three sheets of punch-out and easy-to-build terrain alongside a battle map and poster. You'll also get all of the tokens, dice and more that you need to play the game.

The Operators - Fallout Factions

The Operators // Fallout: Factions

The Pack - Fallout Factions

The Pack // Fallout: Factions

I like the fact that all of the miniatures are multi-part plastic meaning that you can go to town when customising your miniatures and making your gang suit your playstyle. I can see folks being very drawn to both factions but The Pack look like they could be the one for me, at least out of the Starter Set. I like how wildly weird their kit is!

Expanding Fallout: Factions

As well as the Starter Set, you can also get your hands on each of the Raider packs separately if you prefer. But, if you're someone who wants to get everything and make this your game of the year then you can get this Crew Warfare Bundle.

Crew Warfare Bundle - Fallout Factions

Crew Warfare Bundle // Fallout: Factions

This comes with Battle For Nuka-World alongside dice sets for all of the factions and you also get the third of the factions. Pick up The Disciples and start sowing some discord in Nuka-World with them instead.

The Disciples - Fallout Factions

The Disciples // Fallout: Factions

Whilst I do like the look of The Pack, the Disciples seem like they could be another fun faction to play as. Again, I like their aesthetic and I reckon they could be fun to paint. You could go with the official scheme here or do something a bit more zealous.

Fallout: Factions - Quickstart Rules

If you're still on the fence then Modiphius has also designed a set of Quickstart Rules which are free for you to download and print off right now.

Quickstart Rules - Fallout Factions Nuka World

Quickstart Rules // Fallout: Factions - Nuka-World

This PDF provides you with a gameplay demo that will walk you through how to play a round of the game. You don't get the full rules but it shows off the basics and would be a good starter before diving in and picking up the main course. Included within its pages you'll get the two crew rosters alongside the demo rules so if you've got some miniatures spare, you can simply use this to see if the game is for you.

You will need to provide your d10s as well as a tape measure alongside ten miniatures and a few tokens. Some wargaming terrain would be handy too! Still, it is a nice way to get people excited about the game before they choose to dive in properly.

The delivery date for Fallout: Factions is April so you've still got plenty of time to get pre-orders in ahead of the launch date.

Will you be trying out Fallout: Factions?

"The delivery date for Fallout: Factions is April so you've still got plenty of time to get pre-orders in ahead of the launch date..."

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