Agents Of Concordia RPG Takes You To A 1960s That Never Was

April 16, 2020 by brennon

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Modiphius has added another roleplaying game to their growing library of options. Agents Of Concordia (PDF) is a Mystery/Thriller/Fantasy adventure set during a 1960s which never was. Interested yet?

Agents Of Concordia - Modiphius

In Agents Of Concordia, you'll play as a Special Agent as part of the Concordia Central Intelligence organisation. Your job is to safeguard the multiverse, so not a massive workload or anything right? As a team of investigators, you'll be looking to find out the truth behind strange occurrences, thwart schemes and stop threats against the various worlds which have made themselves known to your agency.

As well as regular old humans you'll also be able to make characters from a wide range of species who are all working together in order to preserve the balance. With easy to learn rules and plenty of scope for high-octane action, this sounds like it could be a lot of fun.

  • Multiple Worlds: With a large number of different worlds in the Concord, there are no limits to the variation of missions and adversaries.
  • Science Fantasy: Play as a nine-foot Ogre Investigator or a three-foot Marmoseti Locksmith. Use mysticism and rituals as well as guns and lab-equipment. Travel by gate or aether-fueled rocket car.
  • Story-driven Rules: Created to be streamlined and fast-paced, the game system is easy to learn and adaptive to all situations. The game is designed to keep page-flipping to a minimum during game sessions, for maximum velocity roleplaying action.
  • Veterancy System: The veterancy system lets you level up in different situations. If your character is involved in a lot of heists, she will soon be a heist specialist, no matter her additional occupation.

This all sounds very fun indeed and I like that it's almost like a mix of X-Files, Men In Black and practically every Urban Fantasy story you've ever read. I love the idea of blending together the real world and the mystical. It enables you to instantly hook your players with something familiar and then twist things as the story develops.

I might have to have a good look at this one!

"I love the idea of blending together the real world and the mystical..."

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