Manage Your Dino-Park Your Way As Z-Man Release Mesozooic Solo Play Rules

December 21, 2018 by dracs

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Z-Man Games have published a free to download solo play rules variant for their game Mesozooic, letting you compete against yourself to make the best dinosaur park ever.

Mesozooic is a fast-paced puzzle game for two to six players. The players compete to see whose dinosaur park will attract the most customers, creating the most exciting attractions and exhibits, from dino-topiary gardens to the mighty T-Rex itself!

Because, you know, that's never gone wrong before.

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The game mixes card drafting with a sliding puzzle game, leaving you frantically trying to get all the features of your park lined up to score the most number of points before the time runs out.

The new solo mode, aptly named Mesolozooic (we see what you did there, Z-Man), changes the rules so that, instead of competing against other players, you must try to win the approval of the game's own scoreboard.

I don't think there can be any higher condemnation than "fine", especially if there is a significant pause beforehand.

The game adds in a plan step, in which you must set up the draw pile for each of the different parks you will be creating.

I think that this is a good way to keep the game challenging, as you must repeatedly use the resources provided to you, finding new ways to plan out your park.

Solo modes are becoming increasingly popular in games. They are a great way to both learn more about the game itself and get a better handle of its mechanics. I think it lends itself particularly well to a puzzle game like this, when people might just be looking for something fun to tease their brains with for a few minutes.

However, I must admit that this probably wouldn't be for me. I like the sound of the game overall, but if I'm going to play a board or card game by myself, I would probably be looking for a deeper experience than that provided by a quick, competitive puzzler.

Do you like playing games solo? Have you tried Mesozooic?

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