Painted Goblin Wolf Riders Are On The Prowl From North Star

December 12, 2019 by brennon

North Star Military Figures has been showing off the new additions to the Goblins of Oathmark which will be arriving soon for hobbyists to tinker with. Here are some of the new metal characters painted up alongside their Wolves which will come as part of a new plastic kit.

Goblin Wolf Riders Metal - North Star

These new characters are looking great with a few different champions in the mix alongside a spellcaster and then the musician that you can see in the top left. I'm sure you could wrap a banner of some kind around the spear of the Goblin in the bottom right too if you wanted to have some fluttering sign of their allegiance.

As a whole, it's good to see the Goblins get a good point of difference from the other races currently. I'm sure the Elves and Humans will get their cavalry soon but as it stands the Goblins have got the nice mobile force to harass the enemy with.

Getting a good look at the Wolves now they have been painted you can see that whilst they are bulkier than normal I think a good coat of paint squashes any reservations I had about them. I like that they've probably taken Wolves which have something a bit more brutal about them, perfect for warfare.

Painted Goblin Wolf Riders - North Start

It shouldn't be long until we get our hands on the new models from North Star and Oathmark is on the horizon too. Whilst it might have been delayed there's still plenty to get stuck into on the Fantasy front before that game launches.

What do you make of these painted characters by Kev Dallimore?

"What do you make of these painted characters by Kev Dallimore?"

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