Sell Fish And Pull In Points In Sunny Day Sardines

September 10, 2021 by fcostin

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Burying your head in a campaign-style game is great. But every so often, I really enjoy a quick-and-simple pick-up-and-go game that feels quirky (and doesn't test the attention span of my nieces!).

25th Century Games have an upcoming title that seems both quirky and like an absolute laugh to play with some friends, with Sunday Day Sardines. As players compete to become employees of the month, complete orders and earn bank with points. And did I mention, it comes in a sardine can?

Sunny Day Sardines - Image One

Sunny Day Sardines // 25th Century Games

Sunny Day Sardines cannery - that sounds like a wonderful place to work! So wonderful, that employees are keen on winning that employee of the month award to ensure they have been crowned the top salesman in the fish biz.

"On a player's turn they can do one of two things: collect two fish from the market (two different single fish cards or one double fish card) OR turn in fish they've already collected to complete order cards from the display. Players will take turns until the last order card is placed into the display, then finish the round. Most points from collected order cards wins!"

Sunny Day Sardines - Image Two

Game Contents // Sunny Day Sardines

The game mechanic feels simple and quick - yet innovative and fun enough to feel like a new game experience - not just a reskinned popular travel-style card game under a different alias!

As the card game does come in a tin, it shouldn't take too much space in your bag if you were to take it on a journey with you. However, people may be concerned that you appear to have taken a can of sardines on holiday with you.

Sunny Day Sardines is now available to pre-order on the 25th Century Games website, and set to come out imminently, with promises of a summer release - we can expect the orders to be fulfilled and the sardines on the table anytime soon.

What do you think of Sunny Day Sardines?

"And did I mention, it comes in a sardine can?"

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