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Steamforged Games Acquires Iron Kingdoms, Warmachine & More


In some big news for this week, Steamforged Games announced that they have acquired Iron Kingdoms, Warmachine and more from Privateer Press and will serve as custodians of their various games, miniature ranges and more in the future. 

Dive Into Warhammer Underworlds: Wintermaw Sooner Than You Think!


Hot off the announcement at Adepticon last week, Games Workshop taking pre-orders for the next boxed set for Warhammer Underworlds. Wintermaw will be available to pre-order this weekend featuring two rather unique warbands battling against each other in The Mortal Realms.

Indie Wargaming Relics Resurrected + Spring Clean Hobby Challenge Begins! #OTTWeekender


It's OTTWeekender time! In this week's show, we revisit a classic wargame that we absolutely loved back in the day. Relics, an indie wargaming favourite is getting ressurected and the stunning and unique miniatures range is coming back to the tabletop from TTCombat.

It’s Zealots Vs Butchers In New Warhammer Underworlds Set


The adventures into the frozen depths of Ghur continue in a new Warhammer Underworlds set from Games Workshop. Wintermaw sees zealots of Cults Unberogen coming up against the savage Skinnerkin of the Flesh-eater Courts as they hunt for mysterious relics.

Break A Curse With New Warhammer Underworlds Warband


Another new Warhammer Underworlds warband is going to be up for pre-order this weekend. A tale of two lovers, separated by a terrible curse, is the focus of this new warband although it seems as if events have taken quite the dark (and necromantic) twist.

Warhammer 40K Darktide Gets New Cubicle 7 Co-Op Card Game


Cubicle 7 has announced that they are working on a new card game set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. Darktide: The Card Game is a deadly cooperative caper for one-to-four players as you battle against Chaos horrors and corrupted Guardsmen across six missions.

Wargame WW2’s Uprising You Probably Forgot Existed! Brilliant 28mm Polish Miniatures! #OTTWeekender


It's OTTWeekender time! Gerry shows off an absolutely awesome selection of World War 2 miniatures for your 28mm wargaming as we dive into the InfamousJT Warsaw Uprising range which came to Kickstarter a few years ago and is now available for you to dive into.

Old Warhammer Underworlds Warbands Returning Soon


Games Workshop has revealed that some classic Warhammer Underworlds warbands are going to be returning with Rivals decks for use in this mixture of both board and card game. 

Travel To The Inklands With New Disney: Lorcana Expansion


Ravensburger's titan of a card game, Disney: Lorcana, is getting a new expansion which comes out towards the end of February. Head Into The Inklands with new Starter Decks, Booster Packs and more for this ever-growing card game.

Fire And Swords Expands Ares’ War Of The Ring: The Card Game


War Of The Ring: The Card Game from Ares Games is getting another expansion this year. Ian Brody's card-based take on the epic War Of The Ring will be playable by up to six players and you'll be able to add in new content for all existing player counts too.

Disney Lorcana Card Game Expands With New Set Soon


Ravensburger's Disney Lorcana Trading Card Game has had a pretty solid launch. The game seems to have gone down well and features some interesting mechanics that make it quick to pick up and play. I think it also helps that it seems to have dove deep into the Disney back catalogue when it comes to its art and design! Well, a second set is coming very soon to help bulk out collections.

KeyForge Returns With New Two-Player Starter Set


KeyForge is actually coming back to the tabletop in August. After hitting the tabletop world by storm in 2018 and then falling apart in 2021, the game is back under the guidance of Ghost Galaxy who are going to be getting folks back into this Unique Card Game with a new Two-Player Starter Set.

Find Treasures & Avoid The Spirits In Bitewing’s Spectral


Bitewing Games are going to be sending you looking for treasures whilst avoiding the terrible grip of spirits with their upcoming game, Spectral. This is a new deduction game which should be coming out to the masses in 2024 after a Kickstarter launching soon.

Play Out World Domination Quickly With Risk Strike Card Game


Risk is one of those games that I reckon everyone has played at one point or another. It can also last a bloody long time. Well, Avalon Hill has now released a new card game version of Risk called Risk Strike which can be played in twenty minutes.

Our Spring Clean Challenge Winners: From Wargaming Warbands To Lake-town Terrain! #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! In this week's show, we go through our amazing Spring Clean Challenge Winners where we have a look at amazing wargaming warbands and stunning Lake-town Terrain that might inspire you to dive into your collection and get some of your pile of potential painted!

Play WWI Dogfights In Revolution’s Eagles In The Sky Card Game


Revolution Games have been chatting about an upcoming game which brings World War I aerial dogfights to the tabletop. Eagles In The Sky introduces you to the dogfights, recon missions and more as World War I aircraft clash above the trenches and more during the period, all in card game form. 

Gloomhaven Adventures Get TINY With New Game, Buttons & Bugs


Cephalofair Games are continuing their Gloomhaven Grand Festival with the announcement of a brand new board game set in the Gloomhaven world. Gloomhaven: Buttons & Bugs is a new solo board game experience which distils the awesomeness of those big boxed adventure games into a quick experience that can be finished in twenty minutes.

Invincible & The Walking Dead; Two New Dice Games From Mantic!


Mantic Games have announced two new Dice Games that are coming later this year for you to dive into. Both are quick and easy to play and perfect for use at conventions or in between larger games that you're playing at a game night. 

Push Your Luck For Gold In Undermined! Pairadice City


Devilfly Games are on Kickstarter right now with their new card game all about mining for gold and pushing your luck! Undermined! Pairadice City is great fun and comes from Chris Fisher and Nick Barker whilst featuring artwork by Patrice Rameau.

Lure Ships To Their Doom In Envy Born Games’ Sirens


Envy Born Games have a neat-looking two-player game coming up later this year with a deadly twist. Sirens sees you competing as different Ancient Greek creatures looking to lure sailors to their deaths in your cove. 

Smuggle As Squirrels In Studio H’s Nutty Business!


Fancy being a sneaky squirrel? Delve into Nutty Business which is a new card game coming out from Studio H later this year. You'll be playing as part of a squirrel gang in Central Park back in 1925 where you need to get your nut cargo to where it needs to be!

Summon Mighty Magic In Walker-Harding’s New Game, SpellBook


Phil Walker-Harding, who has worked on excellent games like Barenpark is coming back to the tabletop with a new game via Space Cowboys called SpellBook. Prepare to be a wonderful wizard!

Begin Warhammer Underworlds Adventures With New Starter Set


Games Workshop are having a little bit of a lean week this time around. Maybe they are as busy with UK Games Expo plans as we are? Warhammer Underworlds, their board/card/miniatures game set in the world of Warhammer Age Of Sigmar, is getting a new Starter Set coming up for pre-order.

Spiel des Jahres 2023 Nominations Announced!


The Spiel des Jahres 2023 nominations have been announced. If you're looking for some board games to test out over the rest of the year at events like UK Games Expo and Essen SPIEL, these are the games to dive into!

Waiting For Warhammer: The Old World? You Could Play The Ninth Age Instead! #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! Why would you wait for Warhammer: The Old World when The Ninth Age, an amazing community-led wargaming project, exists and gives you access to all of the mass battle Fantasy goodness that you could want? You also get to play with whatever miniatures you like!

Play War Of The Ring: The Card Game Solo With New Expansion


The War Of The Ring: The Card Game from Ares Games allows you to delve into the epic saga of The Third Age and follow the fortunes of The Fellowship is getting a new expansion later this year. Against The Shadow will turn this one-versus-one and team game into a solo or cooperative experience.

FFG Drop More Details On New Star Wars: Unlimited Card Game


Fantasy Flight Games have dropped some more information on the upcoming Star Wars card game lined up for 2024. A recent preview explored the format and ideas behind Star Wars: Unlimited as well as showing off some of the cards.

New Warhammer Underworlds Starter Set Coming Soon


Games Workshop has previewed the new and updated Starter Set coming to Warhammer Underworlds soon. If you've been tempted to dive into this board/card game hybrid set in the Fantasy world of Warhammer Age Of Sigmar, this might be a good entry point for you.

Become Queen By Midnight In New Darrington Press Board Game


Darrington Press has announced a new board game coming soon. Dive into a fun three-six-player fight to claim the title of Midnight Queen in Queen By Midnight which was previewed recently, designed by Kyle Shire and featuring art by Michal Ivan, Mike Pape and Ameera Sheikh.

FFG Announce New Trading Card Game, Star Wars: Unlimited


Fantasy Flight Games look to be returning to the realm of trading card games with a brand new venture that will drop in 2024. Star Wars: Unlimited is set to arrive next year and draws from all corners of the massive Sci-Fi franchise.

Let’s Play – Cadaver, A Card Game Of Necromancy! | Kedric Winks


In today's Let's Play, Gerry, Justin and Shay face off in a quick and easy card game from Kedric Winks. Cadaver has you playing as necromancers who are trying to raise more of the undead than their opponents!

Let’s Play: Undaunted – Stalingrad [Call In The Engineers – Scenario #4] | Osprey Games


Join us for the forth instalment of our Undaunted: Stalingrad Campaign. We're playing through a full campaign of this awesome Osprey Games board game with our fourth scenario, Call In The Engineers.

Explore Wyrdhollow In Warhammer Underworlds Soon


A magical clash awaits in Warhammer Underworlds as a new boxed set has been announced for this hybrid card/board game by Games Workshop. Wyrdhollow will see the Stormcast Eternals going up against Tzeentch in search of all manner of secrets in the Mortal Realms.

Sail With The Dream-Chaser Set For The Lord Of The Rings: LCG


The Dream-Chaser Cycle for Fantasy Flight Games' The Lord Of The Rings: The Card Game is going to be packaged up into a couple of new expansion sets! You'll now be able to pick up the Hero and Campaign expansion sets to continue your adventures in Middle-earth.

Magic: The Gathering’s Tales Of Middle-earth Range Revealed


Magic: The Gathering is going to be visiting the realm of Middle-earth later this year with Tales Of Middle-earth introducing characters from Tolkien's Legendarium to the mechanics of the hefty trading card game. Starter Decks and more are on the way.

Judge Dredd; Check Out Block War & This Ace Sci-Fi Wargame From Warlord Games! #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! In this episode, we're having a look at the ace new Block War expansion from Warlord Games for their Judge Dredd Miniatures Game. Could this be the Sci-Fi skirmish game worth diving into if you've become disillusioned by Necromunda?

Realm Runner’s Beautiful Achroma Card Game Hits Kickstarter


Realm Runner Studios have arrived on Kickstarter this week with their card game, Achroma. This beautifully illustrated and quick-to-play card game looks like a fascinating project to dive into and there are plenty of ways to enjoy the world they have created.

Jekyll & Hyde Clash With Scotland Yard In New Card Game


Mandoo Games are going to be setting you on a bit of a two-player manhunt with their upcoming card game, Jekyll & Hyde VS Scotland Yard. This chase only lasts about twenty minutes but should be a fun cooperative affair for you to dive into with a friend. 

Arbites Return To Warhammer! 40K & Age Of Sigmar Get AWESOME New Reveals! #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! The big LVO reveal happened this week and that means AWESOME new reveals for Warhammer 40K and Warhammer Age Of Sigmar. The BIG one was that Arbites are returning to 40K in the newest Kill Team set.

NSV Get You Thinking With The Mind: Soulmates Card Game


Nürnberger-Spielkarten-Verlag (NSV) have announced a new game in The Mind collection. The Mind is a fascinating card game where you have to put cards in the right order but you can't say anything as you do! The Mind: Soulmate adds another layer of puzzling into the equation!

Grow Your 7 Wonders Experience With Edifice Expansion


Repos Production are expanding your experience of the ace card game, 7 Wonders with a new expansion coming later this year. Whilst the 2nd edition of the game didn't carry over the Babel expansion, it seems like the replacement for that is Edifice!

Ravensburger Drop Dates For Disney: Lorcana Card Game Launch


Ravensburger has recently dropped more details on the release of their new trading card game, Disney: Lorcana. The game is going to debut at Gen Con this year and then will see a full retail release in September 2023.

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