FFG Drop More Details On New Star Wars: Unlimited Card Game

May 17, 2023 by brennon

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Fantasy Flight Games have dropped some more information on the upcoming Star Wars card game lined up for 2024. A recent preview explored the format and ideas behind Star Wars: Unlimited as well as showing off some of the cards.

Star Wars Unlimited - Fantasy Flight Games M

Star Wars: Unlimited // Fantasy Flight Games

Star Wars: Unlimited is being designed to be a card game for newcomers and hardcore fans of trading card games. Much like other games of its ilk, you build a deck of cards using randomised booster packs starting with over 200 cards in the first set. Spark Of Rebellion will suitably be the start of this dive into a new card game and features a focus on the original trilogy with characters like Luke, Leia, Darth Vader and more.


Luke Skywalker // Star Wars: Unlimited


Leia Organa // Star Wars: Unlimited

During gameplay in Star Wars: Unlimited, you will go back and forth between players performing a single action each turn. This could be playing a card, attacking, activating an ability or something else from the array of options available to your characters in-game. Because of the back and forth between players, there should always be a chance to respond and update your plans on the fly as you try to beat your foe.

The play areas in Star Wars: Unlimited are also spread between a Ground Arena and Space Arena. Units can be played into one or the other so you'll have to make some hard decisions and fight a battle on two different fronts rather than just one.


Grand Moff Tarkin // Star Wars: Unlimited


Darth Vader // Star Wars: Unlimited

Some cards will have specific abilities that work in one arena better than another. In some cases, big characters like Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader will be able to influence units wherever they are and the use of Leaders like them will be integral to whether or not you win or lose.


Wing Leader // Star Wars: Unlimited


Maximum Firepower // Star Wars: Unlimited

There is also going to be a strong focus in Star Wars: Unlimited in terms of Organised Play. Some lessons have been learned according to Fantasy Flight Games and they are going to be making it fun for casual players as well as those wanting to dive into big tournaments with a competitive edge. You can find out more about their plans for Organised Play as part of Fantasy Flight's latest preview article.


You're My Own Hope // Star Wars: Unlimited

I'm sure we'll get even more details and information on Star Wars: Unlimited as we get closer and closer to the release of the game in 2024. The first set, Spark Of Rebellion is looking very nice in terms of art and design even if we're not clear on the full mechanics just yet. I like the art we've seen and I hope we get to see lots more of this. It's miles better than stills and screenshots from the movies.

I also really like the fact that the basic structure of play moves between players one action after the other. It means that games should be dynamic and no clash is just a landslide. I am fairly sure I won't be playing this when it lands but I hope it does well.

Will you be keeping an eye on Star Wars: Unlimited?

"I like the art we've seen and I hope we get to see lots more of this..."

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