Summon Mighty Magic In Walker-Harding’s New Game, SpellBook

June 15, 2023 by brennon

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Phil Walker-Harding, who has worked on excellent games like Barenpark is coming back to the tabletop with a new game via Space Cowboys called SpellBook. Prepare to be a wonderful wizard!

SpellBooks - Space Cowboys

SpellBooks // Space Cowboys

In SpellBooks, each player has control of a grimoire in which they will master spells and feed their various familiars. Players will all start with an identical set of spells but as the game goes on, you'll draw randomly and create your spell combinations to get one up on your opponents. Casting a spell ends up creating an effect which lasts for the rest of the game and will influence how you continue to play as the game continues.

SpellBooks Gameplay - Space Cowboys

SpellBooks - Gameplay // Space Cowboys

There are 2100 spell combinations for you to play around with which means that each time you sit down to play, there could be a fun new way for you to gain victory points. Once you've gone around the tabletop and cast a bunch of spells, the game will end when one magician can complete their grimoire. The player with the most points at this point ends up being the winner.

It sounds like an interesting set collection game and I am intrigued to see how those combinations affect both your game and the game of others. It should also be noted that SpellBook comes with a solo mode which is a challenging puzzle where you try to beat the game rules.

Could you be tempted to try out SpellBooks when it lands later this year?

"It should also be noted that SpellBook comes with a solo mode which is a challenging puzzle..."

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