Ravensburger Drop Dates For Disney: Lorcana Card Game Launch

January 20, 2023 by brennon

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Ravensburger has recently dropped more details on the release of their new trading card game, Disney: Lorcana. The game is going to debut at Gen Con this year and then will see a full retail release in September 2023.

The First Chapter - Disney Lorcana

The First Chapter // Disney: Lorcana

Four sets are planned to be released for Lorcana throughout this year. The first set of releases will be called The First Chapter (as you can see above) and will feature a range of different products. There are going to be three Starter Decks for Lorcana when the game initially releases which will be balanced and designed as ready-to-play products that you can use right out of the box.

The First Chapter Starter Decks - Disney Lorcana

The First Chapter - Starter Decks // Disney: Lorcana

The Starter Decks will focus on a doubling up of two of what they call "inks". You'll have Amber/Amethyst, Emerald/Ruby and Sapphire/Steel. The sets will come with their Starter Decks plus tokens and one booster pack which will feature twelve random cards. They will, as is the way with trading games, be split into commons, rare, super rare and legendary with foil cards too for that added sparkle.

The First Chapter Gift Set - Disney Lorcana

The First Chapter - Gift Set // Disney: Lorcana

Additionally, you are also going to be able to get yourself some Gift Sets and more that will feature an array of different cards. The sets announced so far include Mulan - Imperial Soldier and Hades - King Of Olympus plus you'll also be able to get the Illumineer's Trove which comes with more booster packs, deck boxes and additional "getting started" goodness.

I'm not entirely sure whether or not Lorcana is going to take off. It has the Disney name which is huge and will no doubt draw a bunch of people in BUT it's a collectable game. I'm not sure that many people have an appetite for another trading card game in their lives. Admittedly, Magic still exists so I might be talking out of my animated behind!

Hopefully, we'll see more about how the game plays in the next few months. That is certainly going to make or break a lot of people's opinions on the game. I quite like the idea of just picking up the Starter Decks for your kids or younger gamers and simply using those. That might be enough!

Will you be checking Disney: Lorcana out?

"There are going to be three Starter Decks for Lorcana when the game initially releases..."

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