KeyForge Returns With New Two-Player Starter Set

July 27, 2023 by brennon

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KeyForge is actually coming back to the tabletop in August. After hitting the tabletop world by storm in 2018 and then falling apart in 2021, the game is back under the guidance of Ghost Galaxy who are going to be getting folks back into this Unique Card Game with a new Two-Player Starter Set.

New KeyForge 2 Player Starter Set - Ghost Galaxy

New KeyForge - Two-Player Starter Set // Ghost Galaxy

This new Two-Player Starter Set should be coming out at the start of August and is likely to be popping up at Gen Con as well. Whilst the game has had a pretty successful run up to this relaunch via Gamefound, the game is going to be popping up at retail for everyone to get involved.

The new Starter Set does a similar job to the previous ones. You get two pre-constructed decks that will run you through the basics of playing KeyForge. It's not a hard game to learn and I've seen it picked up by a lot of different folks, especially those who have never played card games before.

New KeyForge 2 Player Starter Set - Cards - Ghost Galaxy

New KeyForge - Two-Player Starter Set - Cards // Ghost Galaxy

As well as that, it also comes with two Winds Of Exchange Packs which do feature the Unique Card Game random decks that you will usually find when diving deeper into KeyForge. This means that you'll get a good balanced experience whilst you learn followed by some entirely unique decks that will take you on your proper KeyForge journey. Hopefully, luck is with you and you get some good decks that can hold up!

If you've never played KeyForge before, the Unique Card Game mechanic is key (hah). Every deck in KeyForge has been designed by an algorithm that means that each pack you pick up is entirely unique and different from everything else out there in the world. Because the game is so simple to learn, the fun of KeyForge comes in learning your deck, mastering it and being able to get your head around the unique ways in which these decks play.

I've had a lot of fun with KeyForge in the past and it's so good to see it coming back with a vengeance. Aiding in that, there is also the coming of KeyForge Unchained.

KeyForge Unchained - Ghost Galaxy

KeyForge Unchained // Ghost Galaxy

This is a non-tournament legal release that gives KeyForge players the ability to dive into decks that can't be found anywhere else. You get more cards in a set than you normally would and this means that you can play around with some very fun ideas when you sit down at the tabletop. These are promotional items that stores can get their hands on when they take place in KeyForge events. Hopefully, this gets more people heading to their local stores to get stuck into the game again!

Will you be getting re-started in KeyForge?

"I've had a lot of fun with KeyForge in the past and it's so good to see it coming back with a vengeance..."

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