Fly High With Things From The Basement’s Victorian Airships!

March 23, 2021 by brennon

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Things From The Basement and 4Ground have released two new Victorian Sci-Fi Airships which would be perfectly placed to use in Pulpy/Steampunk adventures in 28mm.

Aphid Class Airship - Things From The Basement

Aphid-Class Airship // Things From The Basement

The ships come unarmed but you could easily sort that with the judicious application of metal and glue. Above you can see the Aphid-Class Airship but there is also a Locust-Class Airship which comes with a few differences here and there. I also like that by saying they are unarmed, it might mean we're getting armed versions!

If you're interested in how they stack up in terms of the scale then their measurements are Length 500mm x Width 170mm x Height 300mm!

Victorian Airships - Things From The Basement

Victorian Sci-Fi Airships // Things From The Basement

Both of them together could be the foundation for a good game where two gangs of sky pirates get stuck into an air-based boarding action. Maybe you could tweak things and have it become a raid where the one crew is looking to steal from a bunch of wealthy aristocrats onboard the opposing ship?

One of the key things about the two kits is that there is plenty of gameable space. There is ample room on the top of the Airships for people to stand as well as on the decking that sits beside the cabins. They are very much the kind of vehicles that you'd see on a display board at Salute and go "woh, where did you get those?!"

Are you tempted by these and if so, what game would you use them for?

"Are you tempted by these and if so, what game would you use them for?"

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