Privateer Press Announce The Return Of Monsterpocalypse

March 9, 2018 by brennon

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Privateer Press has announced the return of the rather smashing game, Monsterpocalypse. You can expect it to hit in Autumn of this year with an interesting new twist.


The game sees you either taking up the side of G.U.A.R.D or the Planet Eaters as they battle for Earth with mighty mechs and monsters going up against each other with support from tanks and other smaller units too.

Monsterpocalypse Guard

The big twist this time around is that the models won't be pre-painted. YOU will be getting a chance to put whatever scheme you want down on these awesome looking models this time around.

"For the revitalized Monsterpocalypse, we went back to the classic Factions and characters and updated their designs before producing all-new sculpts. By producing the miniatures as hobby models that you get to assemble, paint, and customize, we’re able to manufacture them in our own factory, which allows us to add a ton more detail to the figures that we weren’t able to create when the figures were in pre-painted plastic.

They’re also quite a bit bigger and chunkier than the originals, which is going to make them even more fun to paint."

Monsterpocalypse Tanks

Any chance for massive monsters to clash with hulking robots and mechs on the tabletop is one that I will gladly take up. Privateer Press has also come on leaps and bounds with their sculpting since Monsterpocalypse was last out so you could expect some very nice looking models in the line-up this time.

Monsterpocalypse Planet Eaters

For now, you'll have to make do with these teaser images from the trailer and get your butts in gear for more announcements by Privateer Press over the coming months as to where this project is going. We loved this though...

"Soon after the release of the game will be our first in-store Organized Play events, for which we’ve created variant designs of some of the buildings to serve as in-game-usable trophies for the winners. And while the starters will include pop-up cardboard buildings to get your city started, a full range of buildings—just as detailed as the monsters—will follow, so you can erect your own beautiful skyline…and then knock it down as often as you like."

Are you a Monsterpocalypse fan?

"The big twist this time around is that the models won't be pre-painted..."

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