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My first infinity project Operation Ice Storm

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First project log on BOW 2.0 had to be my current project of painting infinity!

I will go through all that i have currently for infinity and keep this up to date with advancements!

I will make another blog to finish off the terrain side of things, that will take a little more time to put together as that’s more of a how to and why thing.

Sadly I cant take credit for the colour schemes I will use as they will be from the master himself Lord Giraldez.  So you can watch while I try to imitate this master as best I can and hopefully improve along the way.


I started looking at Infinity on Operation Ice Storm week on BOW a few years ago. I was so excited a got the game about a year after this. I looked and looked and looked at the tiny models and wished they were heroic scale. The fear built up and they sat for some time. Then I found out Angel Giraldez had a facebook page with step by steps (now missing 🙁 ).

I used these to paint my first infinity models.

Angel Giraldez's facebook page (Studio Giraldez) Great sourse for images of schemesAngel Giraldez's facebook page (Studio Giraldez) Great sourse for images of schemes

My first finished Infinity forces!

So that’s my start,

I don’t think it’s to bad but without this great set i don’t think I would have continued.

I played the initial mini campaign in the book about 20 times with lots of different people and still use this to get friends into the game.

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