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Truncated Trees Tutorial

Truncated Trees Tutorial

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Beneath Absent Boughs

Tutoring 6
Skill 5
Idea 4
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Completed Step 11Completed Step 11
Step 11

Here is where that glue gets covered up with some cheap leaf litter. For some really cheap leaf litter, find the cheapest green tea you can at the store and don’t use it for tea, but transfer it to a shaker container and just use it with glue.

Working it in over the flock also helps a lot in making it look less like “just” terrain pieces.

Completed Step 12Completed Step 12
Step 12

Now is the easiest and last step for this, water down some white glue to at least 50/50 and make sure it’s well mixed. Then you pretty much want to douse any of the flocked sections or with the leaf litter.

Once it’s covered, leave it to dry, occasionally checking to make sure it isn’t gluing itself to what you have it on to dry.

And that’s the last step…

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