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Dead on Arrival

Dead on Arrival

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Oh so shiny!

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Such beautifully packaged contentSuch beautifully packaged content

First off, I have to say that the presentation of the new Soul Wars box is gorgeous. Opening this box is every bit the experience you’d hope for with a new purchase. I’ve been loving AoS from both a gaming and modelling point of view for the last year and a bit, so purchasing the new box set was a no-brainer.

The plan is to quickly assemble and paint the Nighthaunt to give myself a new army to play with. The spectral nature of these figures makes them a good candidate for speed painting, and I’m keen to see just how quick these can be turned into a table ready force.

All assembledAll assembled

Assembly was fairly quick and easy, with no flash and just some minor mold lines that are quick to clean up. With that there was still the issue of cleaning up the joins – typically a pain to do, especially using something like liquid green stuff which shrinks and often needs multiple coats. It was (luckily) at this time that I came across the following video:

Problem solved! Don’t try to make a perfectly smooth seam, just smush the liquid green stuff all over the cowls to hide the seam and get some nice texture in the process. Talk about a win/win. Adding some simple basing texture (Vallejo Earth Texture with some gravel / sand sprinkled on in places), and I was ready for priming.

Sorry, I got a little carried away at this stage, so didn’t get any photos.

Anyway, priming was just a simple black base coat. Then I decided to vary things a bit from the standard GW scheme. I want the faces to draw the eye, so dark with light “spectral” fringes wasn’t really the thing. Instead I applied some pre-shading to the faces and upper bodies to give something a bit like this:

Quick and effectiveQuick and effective

At this stage I’m already liking what I see – the models are oozing so much character. Next up, let’s see how quickly we can get these guys to a presentable state.

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Cult of Games Member

I liked the greenstuff video that may be good for mud Splatter on uniforms and vehicle’s.

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