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I got Stoned - A Moonstone Tournament Report

I got Stoned - A Moonstone Tournament Report

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Time to get stoned!

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The Venue

We had the absolute pleasure of being hosted by Firestorm games in Cardiff for this tournament. I had purchased stuff from firestorm online, but never been to the physical location, or even Cardiff for that matter.

The venue is amazing and makes me wish I had something like that near where I live.

A well stocked shop for buying all the things, a nice little food canteen which did nice burger, a bar with Tiny Rebel on draft!!!! You all need to try the marshmallow porter!

Soft drinks and coffee vending machines all meant they are well geared up to spend a full day gaming and you felt really well looked after.

There was also the amazing space of 50+ gaming tables, room for 100+ people tournaments! Wow!

We have a couple of tables for the tournament, and also really good to see the retail boxes of moonstone on the shelves in the shop too.

There was ample space, well-lit and airy. The venue was about a third full all day with various games being played, from X-wing, Moonstone, D&D adventures happening.

If you are near to Cardiff, you MUST go here. Was amazing.

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