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Some updates...

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I’ve recently made some fairly major edits to previous posts which featured art for various parts of the world of Deneb, primarily to integrate two things.

  • An edited version of the world map designed to highlight where in the world that particular location is situated.
  • A timeline of key events that have some relation to that location. The timeline posts are a little rough, but give a good insight into the world history.

The posts in question are

  • The Lair: A military location controlled by the elite dragon riders of the Draco Republic.
  • The Black Oak Grove: At the heart of an ancient forest, where the greatest witches in the Coven meet.
  • Tower College Armand: Where Mages to this day learn the art of aethermancy.

The next area to be covered will be the Lyran port city of Ostia!

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