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Maledrakh's The Others: 7 Sins

Maledrakh's The Others: 7 Sins

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The Mayor and some Corrupted Acolytes

Tutoring 1
Skill 5
Idea 4
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The enemies in this game strike both from without and within…many of the City’s inhabitants from the top social strata to the bottom have become corrupted.


Such as The Mayor


Your regular Dr Octopus, mythos style.


Alas, true heroes are also susceptible to corruption.


The corrupted Firemen Acolytes.


…and the Corrupted Police Acolytes:


Acolytes come in 2 of each of 3 variants.

Rigid PVC / Board game plastic, 25mm integral bases.


Still got Clergy, Doctors and Hobos to do.

Alas, I did not buy all the extras so are missing a few types.

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