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Operation Completed

Operation Completed

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Sooooo. Many of us are hoarders. Some are bad, others are worse. I was so bad I use to use space in a factory I own to hide my collection as much from myself as my wife.

At the end of 2016 I took stock of what I owned and realized so much of my stuff was still at worst on the sprues or worst assembled and unpainted that I am unlikely to ever get through it all. But then again, that attitude never get anyone anywhere.

Where to start? Well, I started by cataloguing what I owned. There is some really old stuff here. I decided that I would start with the starter sets, or complete games.

Here’s the list; Heroquest, Advanced Heroquest, Warhammer Quest, Man O’ War, Dread Fleet, Space Crusade, Advanced Space Crusade, Necromunda 1st ed, Space Hulk 1st and 3rd Edition, 40K 5th,6th and 8th editions, Burning of Prospero, Betrayal at Calth, Mighty Empires 1st & 2nd Ed, Warhammer 5th to 8th eds,  Warhammer Age of Sigmar 1st Ed,  Shade Spire, Blood Rage, Rising Sun, Conan, Mythic Pantheon, Massive Darkness, Zombicide Black Plague, Zombicide Green Horde, Descent, Runewars, Dark Age starter set, Flames of War El Alamein, Fallout (boardgame), Imperial Assault, Mice and Mystics and Stuffed Fables.

There’s also many, many armies sitting in tubs unstarted or at best half finished. What I really needed to do was stop buying miniatures. What I did was bought 50% of a gaming store in Australia. Ironically that helped. It’s amazing how being part of the industry can slow down your collecting.

Then, I started painting. The plan was start a box set. Finish it, move on the next. That sucked. So I start a set, get half way through, start another set, then go back and finish the first set, start another set, get half way though and go back and finish the second set and so on.

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This, sir, is why I invested in an airbrush. I’d doff my cap to you if I wore one.

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