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144Artist Explores Lyonesse or My Journeys into Wolsung

144Artist Explores Lyonesse or My Journeys into Wolsung

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More Crates for the Marketplace.

Tutoring 1
Skill 6
Idea 3
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I was able to complete the set of seafood crates that have been sitting on my desk for the last couple of weeks.  Like the Spare Parts Crates I finished before they have some nice details and were fun to paint.  They will look very nice on the table and even give my Ogre Chef the opportunity to draw an extra card into my hand.  Of course they also grant a bonus for the Scylla Vendetta, halfling godmother, to summon tentacled horrors but that is problem to be dealt with at a future time.  I did pick up a Fish Market set that these will work well with but it is further down the priorities list.

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So slimy!

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