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Getting my daughter into Age of Sigmar

Getting my daughter into Age of Sigmar

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Game 3: Lord Arcanum and Castigators vs Knight of Shrouds and Grimghast Reapers

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For this game I let my daughter pick any two unit. She picked the Lord Arcanum and five Castigators so I picked the Knight of Shrouds and Grimghast Reapers to face off against them.


In turn one my daughter went first and advanced, but found she was out of charge and shooting range. I advanced up and tried to charge the Knight of Shrouds at the Castigators to the rear, but didn’t roll high enough. My Reapers charged the Lord Arcanum and managed to do some wounds but suffered casualties in return.


In turn two the Castigators shot and wounded my Knight of Shrouds and the Lord Arcanum finished off the Reapers. This time though my Knight of shrouds managed to roll high for his charge and got into the rear of the Castigators, killing two.


In turn three my daughter won the roll off to go first but elected to let me go first. She was sulking because I had killed the two Castigators and she was convinced I was going to win. This made me realise that the biggest hurdle this project may end up facing is my daughters immaturity over losing a game, rather than her ability to grasp any rules. Up until now she has been able to grasp all the basic mechanics and do the required maths. Even though I went first my Knight of Shrouds fought very poorly and the Stormcast were able to finish him off in their combat phase.


I hadn’t planned to play a game today but my daughter was very keen to play after bath time. I think I might give this a break for a couple of days so my daughter can forget her “near loss” and come back at the weekend with more motivation.

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