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A moment in time

A moment in time

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The Idea

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So, having been busy recently I have been struggling to find any hobby time. I haven’t even finished the Warlord Titan I bought on release day yet!

But, the thing I love about the competitions and challenges here is that they make me find a bit of time to do something, and this one is no different.

My idea is to recreate a scene from the game, I have played space hulk since the first release, still have it. I don;t have the latest version, but I did buy a few of the Blood Angel minis off eBay, to be part of my own army. I don’t know about anyone else, but I buy lots of things that end up in the to-do pile and then get forgotten. So, this is the perfect time to use one of them!

Here I’m using a thunder hammer guy, I think the character is Gideon in the boxed game, and I’m using a combination of the GW industrial terrain and some bulkhead parts that I think are from the Necromunda box to create the corridor.

Just planning it out at the moment, so everything here is just white tacked together. I am going to try to play with light a bit to create something with some visual interest. Not entirely sure what yet, I’ll experiment as I go. I think I will ad a wall behind the terminator too, maybe a door section but this is kind of what I am looking to build.


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