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Getting my daughter into Age of Sigmar

Getting my daughter into Age of Sigmar

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Blasted Hallowheart

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At the weekend I picked up the Blasted Hallowheart terrain set. This was partly so we could stop playing games on my living room carpet, but also to make the games a bit more interesting with some scenery.


Also following on form comments posted after my last game I wanted to start adding in narrative to the game so that my daughter wasn’t just thinking about trying to wipe each other out and winning.


In this scenario I came up with the objective that each side was trying to recover 57 gems from either of the treasure chests that come in the terrain kit. In the hero phase any model within 1″ of a chest can take ten gems, reducing the number required by 10. This may seem like an odd way of scoring at first, but my daughter’s maths homework at the weekend was to count down in tens. This scenario uses that maths directly and so ties in directly with her current school work. It also introduced the hero phase to our games for the first time, which can lead up to starting to introduce command abilities or spells in the future.


I wont give a blow by blow account. Suffice to say I deliberately charged into my daughters forces knowing I would be slaughtered. This gave her the chance to close in on the chests and start looting the gems. The game ran into the fourth turn, by which I still had two Glaivewraith Stalkers on the board but I had been unable to loot any gems. My daughter’s Knight Incantor had taken a beating but was still standing, and her other units had also taken wounds. She had looted the chests six times, counting down the number of gems that she needed by ten each time.

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Looking good so far! Has she any interest in painting?

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