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For the love of trolls

For the love of trolls

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A girls best friend

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Confession: I love trolls. And ogres. Big, grumpy dudes in general. It’s a thing. I can’t explain it.

On my 42nd birthday @avernos send me two rather magnificent specimens of my above confessed love. They’ve been sitting here on my table, complaining about being rather grey and boring, but a certain KD:M phoenix is currently taking up all my painting time.

And lo and behold, before I even got started, I got even more grumpy men in the mail from @avernos. Well, one grumpy man and one rather worried Watson. I guess the trip across the pond, locked in a little black box, with a dismantled (and thus extra grumpy) ogre would rattle everyone’s nerves.

To get myself into gear, and get these wonderful creatures a little less to complain about, I am starting this project. For the love of trolls 🙂

They do look rather tasty. Can we eat them?They do look rather tasty. Can we eat them?

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So basically you are being trolled by @avernos? XD *badumm* *tiss* #scnr


woohoo toys \o/
and a belated Happy Birthday

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