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Space Hulk Diorama

Space Hulk Diorama

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Let's get it started in here!

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And then Warren asked me to call him. This should have been my first warning that something was going on.

And then Warren actually showed up for the call. On time. My second warning.

And he had Lance with him. Warning number 3. When Sam casually dropped in to the call, I knew for sure that I would be spending a lot of time I do not have making stuff I probably couldn’t keep…


Well, actually, he had me at ‘Space Hulk Diorama’.


So, long story short: I am making a Diorama to celebrate the brand new Space Hulk: tactics video game (just because we all love terminators). There were a few limitations, though:

  • It had to be awesome
  • I was giving it away as a prize (making the need of awesomeness even bigger)
  • I had to share my process online (which is fun, but takes up quite some time)
  • It had to be finished by the end of November. Which gives me little over a month.

Oh boy…


So, let’s kick things off. First up: SHOPPING SPREE!

Let's get it started in here!

To close this first post off, let’s tease you guys with the little brief of what I had in mind, that I sent to Warren:

The basis of the build will be different platforms from the Sector Mechanicus range. I’ll be arranging them in steps, building up to a high point. For walls, I will use the supports from the same set. On the topmost platform, a Stormwolf is docked/jammed in between 2 walls. The front hatch is open, with Wolf Guard terminators charging out onto the platforms, immediately opening fire on the lurking Genestealers. The scene will be focused on the Space marines, with the hordes of genestealers being represented by single models, crawling over walls, attacking a marine or getting hit by heavy fire.

So, let’s see where this goes, right?

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Love the conversions on the terminator/stealer mini scenes.
Do more!!!

Cult of Games Member

Really cool project! Following 😀

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