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3d Printed Space Hulk Terrain (stl files from Printable Scenery)

3d Printed Space Hulk Terrain (stl files from Printable Scenery)

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Inspirational Stuff and ideas from Printable Scenery

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I used models from Printable Scenery with my fantasy terrain project and have printed 10 buildings for that using their models.

I’ve found the models I’ve already used from Printable Scenery easy to get going with, the models thus far have printed with just a brim and no need for support structures which need clean up or a raft, so I’m happy to continue with this. Also worthy of note is the extra support for small printers, with extra copies of the objects pre-cut to work with smaller print beds – this is useful for me as it meant that I could print the objects without having to learn how to slice them up (though this is actually pretty easy with the software that comes with the printer) .

The models seem very Space Hulk focussed – that is the corridor tiles seem to fit neatly on a tile-for-square along the original board lines and the rooms and corridor pieces all seem to be covered.  Boarding Rams introduced in 4th Edition are also modelled.

The tiles are scaled at 30mm in this set – a decision that I will have to make is whether to print as is, and use the models at that size or to print them at 133% (or so depending on tolerances) and use terminators at their modern base sizes.

The 3d objects are (Barges aside for obvious reasons) OpenLOCK compatible, which allows the pieces to be connected together with clips that you also print.  This system is also used on dungeon crawlers and I have seen it appear as a feature on a number of 3d printable Terrain over the last 6 months.



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Gave you a skill also, because printing can be super finicky!

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