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3d Printed Space Hulk Terrain (stl files from Printable Scenery)

3d Printed Space Hulk Terrain (stl files from Printable Scenery)

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The Printer - Flashforge Finder with external reel holder and 'disappearing' purple glue sticks

Tutoring 6
Skill 3
Idea 5

I’ll be using the Flashforge Finder for this Project

The finder has a 140mm x 140mm (unheated) print bed and prints using PLA only. The only modification that has been made is that an external printer reel has been added to allow me to use the 1kg reels that I can get off Amazon Subscribe and Save.  I’ll be using natural white PLA.

In terms of Preparation, I use the purple ‘disappearing’ glue, (which turns clear when dry) on the print bed to help with adhesion and reduce warping

In terms of the printer settings, I am printing with a raft, and a temp setting of 190°C and the standard infill of 10%.  Cutting down the temp from 220°C as this helps reduce warping. ( a small degree of warping is ok – it usually just affects the outside edge, not the inside, so you can just fill with milliput.


I use the old loyalty card to prise the print from the bed without scratching the build surface (I did already scratch the surface while using a scalpel – this is to stop it getting worse until I can get a new build surface at a not ridiculous price).

Thick and Thin Superglue – The thick stuff really helps gluing the big blocks together, then you can fil the gaps using the thin stuff for extra rigidity.

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Cult of Games Member

I have this same printer, and found out early that much of the warping / not sticking to the base can be avoided by eliminating draught. I use the outer box it came in as a cover when printing. This helps!
I no longer need to use any glue and have almost never any warping / curling.

also twisting the levelling knobs a smidge closer helps keep the base layer down.

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