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Painting dreadfleet

Painting dreadfleet

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How the project began

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I finished painting all my ships for Dystopian Wars and needed a new project. What should I do next? Start a 16th century army with miniatures from Warlord Games? Kill team is popular and looks interesting. A 17th century army in 6 mm from Bachus?

What to do?

I could take that box from Dreadfleet out of my closet, where it has been for a year. The models are nice, the game is fun and I could use the terrain for Dystopian Wars.

So Dreadfleet it is!

The game contains two fleets: pirates and undead. Each fleet has five ships, including a flag ship. I will paint everything: the ships, the terrain and the gaming aids (rulers, tokens,…).

For this project I will paint much with my airbrush. This is an Infinity airbrush from Harder & Steenbeck.

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