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Space Hulk Diorama

Space Hulk Diorama

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Brother sergeant Gruffy mc Gruff

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Let me excuse myself before I start. The names of the characters will be horrible. I’m afraid I have way too little inspiration at the time for coming up with cool, manly names for the space wolves.

What I do have though is inspiration to glue some models together. Let’s start slowly.

First up is the sarge. Nothing too fancy for this first model. Just choosing the right arms and the right head. I didn’t think this guy needs all that much extra anyway. He is a great, fluffy looking model out of the box, with that huge wolf pelt draped around his shoulders.

The arms and the torso were pinned, as always. Mainly because it allows for a far greater posability, but I also used it to make the models a bit bulkier. I added a few millimeters to the height of the model in this way and the different posing of the arms makes them look that little more buff.

I then filled the joins with green stuff. Finishing step was the addition of a nozzle flare for the storm bolter. A simple matter af putting some brass rods in the barrel and then sculpting the flare around those.

And presto, my first terminator was done.

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