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Space Hulk Diorama

Space Hulk Diorama

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Brother Burny McBurnface

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A lot of work done, I just haven’t had enough time to post some progress here.

The second terminator was the heavy weapon specialist. I thought about giving him an assault gun (because it is such an epic weapon), but in the end decided to go for the heavy flamer. Mainly because it is so much fun to sculpt flames.

As with the sarge, I started by pinning and glueing the model. Not much special to do with the pose, the fun stuff would all be in the flames.

Next, I added 2 brass rods to the nozzle of the flamer. I bored 2 holes in a gene stealer and skewered him onto the rods, making sure that they were not completely parallel, but diverging a bit. Once the flames get sculpted on, this will give the feeling of the fire dispersing as it travels away from the nozzles.

I then put some green stuff on the ends of the brass rods and let it cure overnight. This is mainly so the green stuff that you sculpt your flames with has something to hold onto. If you sculpt directly onto your brass rod, your green stuff will start twisting and turning around the brass.

And then for the fun part: sculpting flames on the thing. All in all a rather simple, but very effective looking model.

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Thinking about the awful product liquid greenstuff is for filling and how much it shrinks to a crap texture you might want to look at that for what might be a primer sculpting material so you have tooth to build up on and not worry about having it slide around.

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