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Stuffed Fables

Stuffed Fables

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Tutoring 8
Skill 10
Idea 7
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Flops FrontFlops Front
Flops BackFlops Back

Body – Vallejo Dark Fresh. Because there are 3 brown hero characters – Theodora, Flops, and Lionel, I decided to make them different in color.  I like Vallejo Dark Fresh to make it yellow light brown look. Layer blending hilight with mix of white and texture by using glazing line Scale75 Purity White and Shadow Shading with mix of glazing with black at the shadow zone

Tummy and Tail- Scale75 Hiskey Yellow

Eyes Patch – Scale74 Surfer Orc Fresh

Eyes – Scale75 Green Skin Fresh and mix black below path of eyes and dot with white to make reflection of eyes

Nose – Mix Scale75 Mayhem Red with Dark Fresh and bit of white. Tip the white line to make light reflection look.

Mouth – Mix Scale75 Mayhem Red with Dark Fresh and bit of white. Paint the small line to shape the mouth.

Bagpack – Scale75 SFG46 Blue and layer the mix of white and pure white to make reflection.

Bagpack Heart and F – First I plan to freehand with World ‘Flops’, but it is no space at the bagpace.  So, I decided to put only ‘F’ on itm. Color is Scale75 Mayhem Red and layer with mix of white. Tips the white dot to make reflectio look. Paint small line with mix of black to bold the freehan

Bow – I used Scale74 Sharpnel Red and paint patter with black to make wood grian look, but it is not. Bow know with Scale 75 Purity White texture.


Bow – I used Scale75 Peanut Butter for the wood. Pure black on the head of arrow wirh Black Head. I layer and dot to make reflection. Feature of Arrow are used by Chink Orange.

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