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Painting the Prussian 11th Brigade at the Battle of Leipzig

Painting the Prussian 11th Brigade at the Battle of Leipzig

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Next batch of miniatures has arrived!

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Landwehr and JägerLandwehr and Jäger

After getting a Community Spotlight earlier this month, I thought it was high time to press pause on painting the ASOIAF backlog and to continue my efforts on this project.

To that extent, I went ahead and ordered two boxes of Warlord’s Landwehr Regiment. I’m not sure why they are marked as regiments, but for my purposes each box represents a batallion.

I also got two sets of the Prussian Jäger, which will represent the two companies of Silesian Schützen. On the whole, the Jäger and the Schützen wore very similar uniforms and I wanted to get some miniatures that had a bit more of a dynamic pose about them.

This delivery will help me cross off another two line items on my list, and hopefully I’ll be able to make some progress before son-of-quantumpete makes his appearance in March.

Bonus pic of the Schützen de-sprued and temporarily basedBonus pic of the Schützen de-sprued and temporarily based

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@quantumpete those Landwehr are great little models, i finished painting some recently and the large overcoat means you can get through them pretty quickly while still keeping some character with the faces. I’ve got to admire how quickly you have managed to pull this army together, great progress and a fantastic army you have there.

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