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Maledrakh's The Others: 7 Sins

Maledrakh's The Others: 7 Sins

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The Beta and the Omega, Corrupted Clergy

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I seem to have some serious first world problems going on… so  much stuff, so little time! Several kickstarter pledges have recently arrived and I seem to be running out of space…Where to put all these boxes? More importantly, WHEN to do anything with the contents? I already have several pledges that I have not been able to do much more with than look through the contents and pack the lot away. Truthfully, some of these might be destined not to be dug out and looked at again before I shuffle off this mortal coil and my heirs simply bin the lot of it. Hoarder, me?

Time (again) to try to dial back the kickstarter spending. I am thinking for the moment that I will try to push through and finish the bits for at least a few of the games I have prepped and started on already, before opening another box of literally hundreds of miniatures!

So we come back to The Others: 7 Sins. This existential horror cthulhueque big box boardgame kickstared by CMON back in 2015, has been on the back burner since I did the first Alpha team, four of the seven sins and the Apocalypse minis plus change some years/months ago.

Left to do I had:

Beta Team
Omega Team
Three unattached heroes
Lust Controller, Avatar and Abominations
Pride Avatar and Abominations
Envy Avatar and Abominations
Clergy, Medical and Hobo acolytes

For a total of 53 unfinished minis.

This last week or so I have been plonking away at a few of these, and have finished:

(The base colours correspond to their in-game role: Yellow Leader, Red Bruiser, Blue Shooter, Green Fixer. )



Beta Team: Will, Polly, Freder, Elle, Kanga.



Omega Team: Rosario (deVille), Nicole, Calavera, PhD (who you gonna call?), Adrian



The three unattached heroes: Kwanita, Benoit from the Apocalypse expansion, and Baldur of the Sons of Ragnarök bike gang.



The Controller of Lust. The last of the controllers, all the others have been painted earlier.



Corrupted Clergy acolytes.

But damn! These looked so much better painted before I took close-up pictures of them. The harsh truth hurts! I am getting sloppy in my dotage. Looks like I need to invest in a proper pointy brush again.


Left to do:

Lust Avatar and Abominations
Pride Avatar and Abominations
Envy Avatar and Abominations
Medical and Hobo acolytes

For a total of 33 unfinished minis.

There are more minis in existence for this game that I do not own. Both Delta and Gamma teams plus four types of corrupted acolytes, the Men of FAITH and the Sons of Ragnarök. I did not pledge for these during the KS and I will be damned if I pay some flipper’s black market prices for them.

However, If you know of anybody having any of these sets who would want to get rid of them for a reasonable price, feel free to let me know ?

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