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Maledrakh's The Others: 7 Sins

Maledrakh's The Others: 7 Sins

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The Hobos of Corruption

Tutoring 3
Skill 4
Idea 5
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I am slowly pushing towards the goal of finishing the rest of the minis from The Others: 7 SIns boardgame (“only” 3 sins avatars and their sets of 6 abominations each, plus two sets of acolytes left to do!) Did I say two sets of 6 acolytes left?


Hobos! When the Sins stalk the streets, it certainly isn’t safe to live there! These should prove that the Sins do not care about personal hygiene (or a lack thereof…) nor social status. They will corrupt everyone!


The eponymous Bag Lady. With a massive Bag.


Accordions are the Devil’s Instrument!



You can’t have a bunch of crazy hobos without some of them carrying Doomsday signs, now can you?


I like my Hobos avec tentacles.



After this there is 1 set of acolytes left to do.


Hobo corrupted acolytes

from The Others: 7 Sins boardgame, base game set, 2016

Guillotine Games / Studio McVey / CMON

PVC boardgame plastic

25mm integral bases

The boardgame should still be available in the wild.

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