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Trewets journey into Bolt Action German Panzer Grenadier 901st

Trewets journey into Bolt Action German Panzer Grenadier 901st

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A few new additions to my 901st grenadiers and maybe ,just maybe some SS help.

The 901st. We’re part of a very mixed bag when it came to the Panzer Lehr division they were part of. It had elements of Wehrmacht,armour and SS all attached together.

It makes for an easy army list build,take what you want if a little daunting when it comes to choices.

That said here are my reinforcements,some painted some not.

The Tiger and  Hanomag were primed using my air brush with Vallejo grey surface primer and then a base colour of armour brown(71.041) freehand air brushing of two other colours, green brown(71.039)and cam green(71.022) in opposing stripes to give a general cameo pattern. Both were shaded using diluted nuln oil and dry brushed lightly with bone white(72.034) to bring out the edges of the vehicles.

I am not too sure if this pattern is authentic but it looks good to me and is as close as I could guess from pics and other data I can get hold of to date.

Th groups in the background are a mortar crew,a machine gun crew and a motorcycle with sidecar(don’t know yet if or how to add this to any list but I like the idea of a mobile machine gun platform.

Crew in the Hanomag are from the Opel blitz truck box that I got at the Western desert Bootcamp

I have more of these that will be painted in a more fitting grenadier uniform than the desert colours,but wanted to see what it looked like loaded.The Jerry cans on the outside will also get a different colour but have not decided what would be best.Green,brown,sand,or grey?

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