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Manda's (Amachan) Adeptus Mechanicus

Manda's (Amachan) Adeptus Mechanicus

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The bases.

Tutoring 6
Skill 5
Idea 4
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The finished prototype base.The finished prototype base.

Some work in progress shots of the base.

How do I make this?

In here I’m going to tell you how I make these bases. This is as much as a reminder for me as telling you what I did.

  1. Grab a standard GW base of the required size.
  2. Apply a thin layer of greenstuff to the top and flatten it as much as possible, then let it dry.
  3. Cut the edges of the greenstuff to make it fit the shape of the base.
  4. Sand the top of the base using various different sandpapers ending with a 1000 grid sandpaper to get a smooth finish.
  5. Smooth the sides using a simple hobby file.
  6. Prime the base with Vallejo Surface Primer Gloss Black (77.660) and let it dry.
  7. Spray a thin coat of Vallejo Metal Color Dull Aluminium (77.717) over it with my airbrush and let it dry.
  8. Paint (by hand) the rims of the base with a coat of Vallejo Game Color Black (72.051) and then let it dry.
  9. Spray a coat of Vallejo Metal Varnish (77.657) mixed with a little bit of Vallejo Airbrush Thinner (71.161) and let that dry.
  10. Paint (by hand) the rims of the bases with a coat of The Army Painter Warpaints Anti-Shine Matt Varnish (WP1103).
  11. And when dry, they’re done.

How am I going to attach the models to the base?

Again this serves as a reminder to myself as well as giving you some info on how I am going to do this. This more of how I plan to do this rather than how I do this at this point.

The models will have holes drilled in the bottom, this is for mounting them on a stand so I don’t have to hold the model.

  1. Drill holes where the pins should go.
  2. Coat a bit of brass rod (most likely 1mm) with a bit of PVA glue.
  3. Then hold the model on the holes of the base and put the brass rod in.
  4. Cut the remainder of the brass rod off, so I only have the bit needed to hold it to the base.
  5. When the previous step is dry, apply a bit of greenstuff on the bits of the brass rods that may be sticking out to prevent damage to scenery or tables these models may be used on.
  6. And that’s that.

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