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Rasmus's PHR reborn - DropZone Commander Revisited

Rasmus's PHR reborn - DropZone Commander Revisited

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Meta-Gaming or the list building

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How does everyone else go about list building ?

For DzC I would normally follow the steps below – Unless I want to challenge the meta by doing something odd :

1 Ask you self what do you want the list to do/look like i.e. what is the core?
2 What the counterplays?
3 Are there any hard counters to the counter play ?

My core that I try to build the list around is flying AT, a Tiamat and 2 Njords.

The counter to an AT prescience is (unless you are cheating and going for boosted P countermeasures) is to not be on the ground or be in the ground in great numbers with Technicals or Prowlers or the like the my big guns just blow few up in a turn

Then the 3 question – my answer is at the moment in Zone often the Phobos for the PHR as the enemy will fly and the Helios need to be further up the board than suit the rest of the list. The Phobos also have a lot of shoots against mobs on the ground.

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