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The Eighty Years War

The Eighty Years War

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The Ragged Cross

Tutoring 2
Skill 7
Idea 6
The Ragged Cross

And here they are: my first Spanish soldiers! Yes, except for the ensign, they are the same miniatures as the Dutch ones painted differently. This will often happen in this project.

The colour scheme:

  • Shiny metallic helmets and armour
  • Red sashes and feathers
  • Red and different browns for the clothes. Some black here and there too.

The time of year

The Ragged Cross

The basing materials I ordered a while ago, have arrived. This lets me finish the bases for both the Spanish and the Dutch. The Spanish bases reflect spring: bright green grass, flowers, rim in bright green.

The Dutch bases reflect autumn: mixture of dark green and brown grass, fallen leaves, dark brown rim.

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I love the idea of autumn and spring basing. The soldiers and basing look really good.

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