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Cyberpunk Diorama - Spring Cleaning Hobby Challenge. Completed

Cyberpunk Diorama - Spring Cleaning Hobby Challenge. Completed

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Stage one done

Tutoring 4
Skill 6
Idea 6

Yesterday evening I finished the case. It is made out of black fomecore with mat finish.


Bellow you’ll find pictures of the diorama in its current state. Each element is removable, including all walls. I taught I may want to use the walls as a backdrop for action photos for my painted minis (the type Corvus Belli use to present every month’s new releases).


In the beginning I planned light as optional extra, now, having built it I assume lighting a must, otherwise the details are only visible in daylight as you can see in the pictures. I have gathered all the materials, I hope I can pull the build off tonight and tomorrow.


What I learnt from this project:

  1. I love the idea, I want to build more dioramas like this in different genres. I have quite high spaces between shelves and some short books, so next diorama will be 16:9 (landscape) ratio instead of 1:2 of this one.
  2. I did it too big. The piece it 13/25,5/28 cm, if I was to build it again I’d shrink size in each dimension by 15 to even 30%.
  3. I’m not quite sure if I sold idea of cyberpunk enough. Lots of HVAC appliances, Chinese characters and an armchair from the Matrix may not be enough. I need to add advertisements (but is connected with lighting).
  4. Children are very excited with similar projects, I need to involve them in the next one (you may see that the back wall of my diorama has a particular poster on it, it was prepared by my 12 yo daughter specifically for this purpose).
  5. As spring cleaning project it was pretty lame ;). I finished painting of two 28 mm minis (circa 8 hours of work) and spent 3 weeks building huge box for them… yeah…

I’d very much appreciate feedback, what you think I could add or get reed of to increase quality of this piece?

And last thig, as this project in my understanding was also about increasing ones skills, bellow is a picture one of my oldest paintjobs that I haven’t striped. This is Samurai Hero of 1st edition Warzone, mini produced in 1995 or 1996. I painted it in 1998 (summer) with Humbrol enamels. If you count Battletech plastics painted with self-made paintbrush and no-name oils in, this one has to be within first 20 minis I’ve ever painted. So this is my progress in last 21 years.


the 90'... ehhh...the 90'... ehhh...

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A diorama that fits on your bookshelf is a great idea and your execution of your work is amazing . Thank you for sharing 😉

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