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Better late than Never

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So I didn’t manage to finish yesterday… Things happened but today was a bank holiday so lucky I had a second Sunday.

only thing I love and hate about infinity models. I find myself, that the models I think I like the most I enjoy the least painting. Weird thing I cant explain.

I enjoyed the OSL on the sword and the snipers pose when painting, very odd as these are the models I liked the least.

I don’t know if this has been done before (I can say it has) I can’t say I have consciously seen. The OSL was done with a mix of matt varnish and red ink building it up with thin coats.

Apart from that more of the same.

Finished Beyond IcestomFinished Beyond Icestom
Swiss GuardSwiss Guard

I may have painted myself out for a bit which bodes well for terrain.

We will see, Glad I have more infinity painted.

More to come!

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