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I cant stop painting send help!

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So I wanted to get back to finishing my landing pad. No luck, however I found a use for hangovers. I am usually not in a good position to do anything but pity my life choices and drink lots of water and pain killers but it seems I can also basecoat. I have been out twice and the day after woke up and base coated which drives me along into the fun part of painting.

I finished painting two models on the first run and managed to basecoat the rest of beyond ice storm on the second. This is now ready for brush painting the rest today.

Ariadna Blackjack frontAriadna Blackjack front
Ariadna Blackjack backAriadna Blackjack back
Pano Neoterra Bolt Paramedic FrontPano Neoterra Bolt Paramedic Front
Pano Neoterra Bolt Paramedic BackPano Neoterra Bolt Paramedic Back
The hungover basecoated Beyond Icestorm (the rest)The hungover basecoated Beyond Icestorm (the rest)

This is where I am now I hope to get the rest of the Ice storm box done this weekend. I have also based all 11 of the JSA and undercoated all of my infinity models.

More to come hopefully today.

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