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Maledrakh's all things Nurgle

Maledrakh's all things Nurgle

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Epidemius the Tallyman

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I mostly buy GW miniatures second hand or heavily discounted off ebay or forums, especially expensive character models like this one. Of course that means that they sometimes arrive in a state that leaves something to be desired. This one had many broken parts and needed alot of TLC before it was ready to paint.  I used a fair bit of plastic putty. At least it cleaned up well. (sic!). I hope I put it together right, I think there might be a small piece or two missing.



I painted it a bit sloppily, after priming black and a zenithal in grey,  drybrushing different fleshtones here and there. and dabbed different colours all over the nurglings, and dumped Druuchi Violet and Athonian Camoshade shade over most of it. Sp,e Nihilakh Oxide did for the metals. A bit of careful drybrushing and Nurgle’s your uncle.

I’m sure I could have spent hours on end putting little dots in all the Nurglins eyes and teeth, colouring in all the little maggots and all that. but I didn’t so there you are. I went for a fuzzy Cheshire Cat Nurgle smile on the main flag, as Father Nurgle watches over us all and is pleased.

On the base I made slime-trail stripes in plastic putty and painted the whole thing black. Then I used Nurgles Rot green glossy gunk on the trail and around the bottom bits of the Nurglngs, the rest was my black flock mix, as no living plants can survive so close…


Epidemius, Tallyman of Nurgle

Games Workshop

Chaos Daemon (Nurgle) faction

Finecast Resin or whatever they call it these days.

65mm base

currently available from

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