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Fallout Wasteland Warfare Painting Progress

Fallout Wasteland Warfare Painting Progress

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Super Mutants

Tutoring 7
Skill 8
Idea 8

As my first faction for Wasteland Warfare I decided to start with the Super Mutants, I had  seen some really nice posts about using GWs contrast Paints so decided to give them a shot.

I must say I was really pleased with the results, they were easy to use and made grinding thru all of the models fun again.  I had been in a bit of a hobby slump staring at all the resin I had to get thru but they really energized my work.

The majority are done with Plaguebearer Flesh and in the case of duplicates I used Militarum Green to provide some variety.  Other spots are done with Snakebite Leather, Gor Grunta Fur for wood, and metal is Militarum Gray.  For Rust effects I used some Vallejo texture effect with a rust dry brush and some washes.

Bases are all done with standard paints so that they will match across the range of models if I decide to do a faction without contrast (IE Robots with airbrush and chipping effects are on my mind)

The Hounds are a mix of 2 poses so I tried to make sure there was some variety, I even did a test for a “Glowing” Mutant hound applying some old GW Scorpion Green and various other colors to try and give it an irradiated look.

The Behemoth was actually the first model I painted in the range, I mean who doesn’t start with the biggest baddest looking model in their faction?  As with all my large green models I went with Purple Pants (I have a Privateer Press Mountain King rocking the same shade) as he will be named Hulk on the battlefield.

As I received the Resin upgrade to the basic starter I have duplicate models in PVC Plastic as well as Resin, as the Plastic does not hold details as well as the resin models I decided to use the darker green for skin tone on them to help hide the comparative lack of detail.  Application of wasteland tufts of grass from Army Painter to various spots help change up the look of the bases between duplicates.

The Super Mutant Suiciders are one of the more interesting looking models in the group, with their chains and dynamic poses as they rush the enemy carrying their mini nukes American Football style into the enemy the only thing missing from the video game is the beeping as they run into you.

The remainder of the models in the current range really help drive the appearance of a hard hitting faction that likes to get in close and tear apart their foes but are not afraid to shoot them up a bit first to.

As I said I had a lot of fun painting these, the contrast paints and my love of Fallout have me looking forward to my next faction to finish up.

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Cult of Games Member

What a brilliant looking force there mate, really captures the essence of the super mutants and I loved the irradiated dog!

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