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its Darth Name is not ANI!

its Darth Name is not ANI!

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he was primed black
then dry brushed with GW eshin grey, then continued with a army painter Ash grey, then a mix of ash grey and a Matt white.
used a Game color Plata silver for the metal bits and scratching,
on the saber i used a GW Evil sunz scarlet,
then a very fine drybrushing of gw wild rider red, for the lighting effect.
then mixing in a little Matt white, just to alter the red a little, and then finishing it with a little watered down gw Tecnical Blood for the blood god, to giv it a more powerful red
and a Gloss on Vaders armour bits to get the gloss look

used a Agrellan badlands and a serphim serpia for the base and on the back cloak.
aldorf guard blue, kabalite green, skarsnik green for the buttons.

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Keep up the good work!

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