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Marauder Destroyer

Marauder Destroyer

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Unboxing and Assembly.

Tutoring 4
Skill 5
Idea 6
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The Marauder Destroyer miniature comes in a set of two.  The aircraft is similar to the RAF Mosquito from WW2.

Below the unboxing.

The kit comes on two sprues.  The first spruce is the main body of the aircraft. This sprue is used for both destroyer and bomber.  The second sprue is specific to the destroyer only parts.

The box also contains two bases, four clear flight posts, and a AI transfer sheet.  The transfers are black and white, no other colours.


The assemble was straight forward; just follow the instructions.

The photo with dark elf model is just for a comparison of size.

Some missiles where added.  The missiles were left overs from the Marauder Bomber kits.  Strange that GW did not have an missiles in the destroyer kit.

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